Sponsors Needed

Help us hire top developpers to maintain and develop this project,

And we will make sure our users know you.

Landing Page Section

Our first big supporter will get a full section on landing page, with cheerful thanks and a logo bigger than any other on the page !


A special mention "Sponsored by YOUR BRAND" with a backlink will be posted along with the signature of all our emails, no one could miss it!

Loading display

All loading of Capsule sketches, from user dashboards to public gallery, will display a special aknowledgement "Sponsored by YOUR BRAND".


As our first sponsor, you will be featured first everywhere sponsors are mentionned : landing page, about page, acknowledgement section, press articles, etc...

Editor Display

A special mention "Sponsored by YOUR BRAND" with be permanently displayed on the Capsule Editor, so that our users know what they owe you when enjoying our tools.

Sponsoring with Skills

Money is just a helper. If you are a company with 3D developpers, consider letting them give some time to help us. Surely some of them would love to give a hand!