Not for now. Our vision is to create a new minimalist and digital art style, which we call "Capsule Design", and which is more like pixel/voxel art or low poly design. The rule is to use only capsules and shapes extended from capsules.

That being said, some contributors, including Capsule's founder Maxime, have already developped advanced tools for implicit modeling, which allows for smoothing and polygonizing capsules. We are considering the possibility to setup a dedicated modeler for that, let us know if you are interested.

Most of the code is not Open Source. Contributors are not required to make their contribution Open Source. This policy leads to more contributions, especially from companies and labs, which can still value their work by other means. Note that the Capsule file format is open to allow for maximum interoperability and enable external developpers to parse it and exploit it.
Capsule Sketch uses a special rendering shader which is actually raytracing capsules. We use Three.js as a webGL engine, so we can provide necessary elements to include sketches in Three.js games and apps. For other rendering engines, plugins will be necessary, contact us to help with their developments. Note that a polygonized option has been developed but the quality vs performance ratio is not very good. Raytracing is the way to go.
When you reach the account limit, you cannot create new private sketches. An easy way to overcome this situation is by publishing some of your private sketches. If you don't want to, there are 2 ways of getting more private sketch : support us or get more likes on your published sketches.
All sketches created before Januray 2021 can be downloaded. Otherwise, only supporters with Praetorian status can do that.