Capsule Sketch is an online modeling tool to create minimalist designs based on Capsule primitives.

Like pixel art or low poly design, capsule design is a way of creating 3D or 2D graphics using a limited primitive.

I believe Capsule Design is worth exploring : it's simple, fun and intuitive, it's perfectly adapted for animation, and easy to render in real-time.

Capsule Sketch can also be a great fit to quickly sketch 3D models, and generate base meshes before advanced polygonal modeling.


1 Setup a fun and enjoyable modeling tool for everyone to use.

2 Have great models created here, and inspire artists to explore the style

3 Have Capsule Design used in Games

4 Have Capsule Design used in a short animation movie

The Story

I am Maxime Quiblier, a software engineer and entrepreneur, specialized in 3D graphics.

I have always been a great fan of pixel / voxel art and low poly style. For several years, I have been looking for a unique 3D modeling style, like the formers, but more “rounded”.

Back in 2010, when I discovered skeleton based modeling, I thought it was the coolest thing I had seen in 3D modeling. With a friend of mine, I developed a first modeler meant to create organic shapes based on something which was, actually, a set of Capsules.

The seed was planted : I had found the minimalist rounded style I was looking for. I now had to develop a specific software for it, because drawing capsules in a general CAD software is a pain. I wanted it online, simple and free, to make it accessible.

For years, I have been frustrated by WebGL capabilities, which were limited at the time on most devices. Then 2 years ago, as WebGL extensions became more widely supported, I led some experiments to directly raytrace Capsules on the GPU. It was a success ! Using only 6 polygons per capsule, I could reach the visual quality I wanted, in real-time!

18 months of coding-weekends and coding-nights gave birth to Capsule Sketch! The first modeler focusing on... Capsule Design, Capsule Art, Capsule Style, Capsule Modeling, or whatever we may decide to call it.

Now, I’m looking for artists better than me to join the adventure and help me explore the possibilities of Capsule Design

Main Contributors

Maxime Quiblier

Lead Dev / Founder

Maxime has a strong interest and expertise in 3D modeling and its accessibility through online services.


Developer / Designer

We need help on many topics, join us in this passionate journey !


Dioxygen Software

Dioxygen is a technical consulting company with expertise in online 3D rendering, web architecture and AI. Dioxygen's main product is Dualbox, a visual programming tool for 3D product configurators.

Occasional Contributors

Cédric Zanni

Implicit Modeling Researcher

Cédric is a skilled researcher with a main interest in implicit modeling.

Sébastien Najjar


Sébastien is an expert on web infrastructure, high performance computing and online advanced services.

Max Godefroy

R&D Software Engineer

Max is a passionate engineer interested in mathematics, computer graphics and video games development.

Florian Menu

Web Developer

Florian is a fast learner interested in web developement and infrastructure.

Lucas Sort

R&D Software Engineer

Lucas is a young engineer with strong academic background in applied mathematics.

Baptiste Wagner

R&D Software Engineer

Baptiste is a young engineer with strong academic background in applied mathematics.